Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego, California Asbestos

Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego : Since San Diego was a center point of movement for the United States Navy, numerous individuals were unconsciously presented to asbestos strands at dispatch repair offices and maritime bases.

Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego
Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego

Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego

Not Just Obvious Sources

A few specialists, for example, covers, shipyard representatives or boilermakers had employments that clearly included working with asbestos. Be that as it may, numerous casualties whom we have spoken to have not known how or when they were presented to asbestos strands until the point when our legal counselors finished a broad examination concerning their work history and likely introduction.

Building a Case

In the event that you are uncertain how you were presented to asbestos, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a solid case. You should call Clapper Patti Schweizer and Mason quickly for a free meeting.

The lawyers at Clapper Patti Schweizer and Mason are pros in getting considerable settlements in asbestos claims. In San Diego alone, for example, our lawyers have gotten millions in remuneration for inhabitants with asbestos presentation and mesothelioma.

In our tremendous library of data about hazard destinations we have confirmation of the sorts and brands of asbestos items utilized at every area, including the accompanying:

  1. 32nd Street Naval Base
  2. North Island Naval Air Station
  3. Campbell Industries Shipyard
  4. San Diego Marine Shipyard
  5. Triple A Shipyard
  6. National Steel Shipyard
  7. San Diego County Courthouse
  8. San Diego County Jail
  9. San Diego Juvenile Courthouse Complex
  10. San Diego County Mental Health Center
  11. College of San Diego Hospital
  12. San Diego Health Services Complex

Our Resources Are Available to You

This is the place the legitimate mastery, experience and assets of Clapper Patti Schweizer and Mason can help. We make significant money related assets accessible to our customers to battle mesothelioma and acquire quick pay. Our accomplished asbestos lawyers, combined with our database and staff of examiners, give the premise of a fruitful claim and incite settlements to San Diego and Southern California families affected by mesothelioma.

We become acquainted with every customer by and by, take in his own history of asbestos presentation and figure out which asbestos organizations were capable. Examination is vital to recognizing the dependable organizations, since every individual’s presentation to asbestos differs in light of when and where he or she worked.

Speaking to Families

Our lawyers additionally speak to life partners, children and girls of individuals who have kicked the bucket from mesothelioma. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member has been determined to have mesothelioma tumor, please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity. One of our attorneys will travel to your home inside a couple of days. As a rule you won’t need to movement or show up in court.

Our legal counselors will meet with you, take video affidavits and examine your case altogether. You won’t be liable to any lawyers’ expenses unless or until the point when we get a budgetary settlement for you.

Mesothelioma lawyers San Diego

Curtis Robert Quay –  (619) 525-7007

Frederick Steven Schwartz – (818) 986-2407

Erik L. Peterson – (415) 275-3115

Steven Kazan – (888) 904-5607

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San Diego Naval Shipyard

The San Diego Navy Shipyard, otherwise called the Naval Base San Diego, has had a long history of asbestos utilize going back to its beginning in 1918. At the shipyard’s most elevated top amid the 1940s, more than 5,000 boats were repaired, updated, and made.

In a few of the shipyard’s structures, examinations revealed that the offices were covered with asbestos. Despite the fact that the shipyard hasn’t utilized asbestos in quite a few years, huge amounts of asbestos was discovered scattered over a few units.

National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO)

San Diego’s NASSCO was utilized to construct and repair ships with exhibits asbestos items from the mid 1900s all route until the 1970s. Common items that contained asbestos went from tiles, funnels, mixes, mortar, epoxies, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Notwithstanding mechanics taking care of these items, a great many temporary workers functioned as installers at the shipyard and were thusly presented to the unsafe filaments of asbestos also.

A few claims have surfaced after representatives and contractual workers approached in the wake of being determined to have mesothelioma and asbestosis. In one specific case, a worker sued the shipyard’s maker after his better half created mesothelioma through second-hand presentation. The Shipyard’s Worker Union likewise documented a claim against the shipyard for disregarding for uncalled for work hones after the organization declined to enable another wellbeing assessor to join the association and evaluate the wellbeing dangers related at the activity site.

Schools and Hospitals Associated with Asbestos Use in San Diego

A large number of the schools and doctor’s facilities in San Diego were assembled when asbestos was vigorously utilized amid development are as yet open today. State and government laws command that these offices should dependably hold fast to a security design should asbestos end up bothered.


  1. Armada Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center
  2. Patrick Henry High School
  3. San Diego County Public School Building
  4. College of California
  5. San Diego State University
  6. John Muir College
  7. Plateau College
  8. Palomar College

Healing centers

  1. Sharp Healthcare
  2. Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  3. Scripps Mercy Hospital
  4. Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital
  5. Maritime Medical Center
  6. Heaven Valley Hospital
  7. UC San Diego Hospital
  8. VA San Diego Healthcare

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